Advantages of Plastic Fasteners in the Marine Industry

Advantages of Plastic Fasteners in the Marine Industry

Boat manufacturing companies require high grade Plastic Fasteners to affix panels and corners of the boats. However, natural elements such saline water, cold ocean temperatures, fungi and strong UV rays can weaken the fasteners, leading rust and decay.

The marine industry requires fasteners that are strong and durable, and have the capability to resist such elements. The solution to this problem was provided by fastener manufacturers with the creation of plastic fasteners. This has immensely helped the marine industry to provide top-of-the-line boats, tankers, yachts, etc.

Benefits of using Plastic Fasteners

  • Avoid Problems with Rust: Plastic fasteners do not rust or weaken when they come in contact with ocean water. They maintain their fastening strength and can be used for many years.
  • They can be Resistant to Salt Water: To ensure that their plastic fasteners can be used for years on end, fastener manufacturers produce their fasteners using materials like PET, Isoplast, and PVC. These materials help to make the fasteners resistant to elements like salt water, and corrosive substances such as gasoline, diesel, and fuel additives.
  • They can be Combined with Steel: This is an option that many manufacturers provide. They reinforce the plastic fasteners with steel cores, combining the fastener corrosion resistance and the steel core???s strength for marine applications.
  • Resistance against UV Rays: Some plastics are known to absorb UV rays. Using these in the marine industry will lead to early deterioration of the fasteners, creating long delays and downtime for repairs. Fastener manufacturers avoid this by using polyimides and FEP to manufacture fasteners that can resist the harmful effects of UV rays.

Every industry requires specialized fasteners for certain applications. The marine industry has taken complete advantage of plastic fasteners, and has used them to create bigger and better marine products.

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