Customization Options for Threaded Rods

Customization Options for Threaded Rods

Threaded rods that are longer and thicker fastening component, have numerous applications across industries. They are largely depended on to make reliable connections between two heavy metal parts, to stabilize structure like concrete walls, and to secure materials together during repairs. Available in several specifications, they are chosen for applications in mechanical, automotive, electrical, manufacturing, and construction applications.

Standard or Custom Threaded Rods?

You can choose between standard or custom threaded rods as per your applications. However, if you choose to customize threaded rods, there are several things you must know before placing orders. There are several customization options available, which you may find confusing when specifying your requirements.

The following information is meant for a first time customer who is planning to place orders for custom threaded rods.

  • Material Options:To manufacture threaded rods, there are several material options available. Choosing the right material as per your application requirements holds great significance. It is advisable to choose materials that exhibit the following:
    • Good tensile strength
    • Excellent high-temperature resistance
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • Low magnetic permeability

    Below listed are the material option for metallic threaded rods:

    • Brass
    • Aluminum
    • Silicon Bronze
    • Low Carbon Steel
    • Stainless Steel

    Following are the material options available for non-metallic threaded rods.

    • Plastic
    • Fiber-reinforced plastic
    • Nylon
    • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
    • Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
    • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Thread Types: Custom threaded rods are available in the following thread types:
    • Coarse (right & left hand)
    • Fine (right & left hand)
    • Metric
    • Acme
    • Ball Screw
  • Finishes:Threaded rods are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, and other contaminations throughout their service life. For added protection under hostile environmental and industrial conditions, they are offered in several finishes, including:
    • Black Oxide
    • Chrome
    • Copper
    • Galvanized
    • Nickel Plating
    • Phosphate
    • Passivation
    • PTFE
    • Silver Plating
    • Zinc Plating
    • Clear
    • Yellow

Moreover, threaded rods can be customized in a wide range of length, diameter, and weight. Since, there are several design possibilities, it is essential to provide the manufacturer with the right specifications. Let him know about your demands and special features that need to be incorporated into the product design. Talk to the manufacturer about the nature of application and conditions that exist in the application area. This will help him suggest the right material and finish that exhibits great resistance to wear or chemical corrosion and other environmental extremities.

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