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Electrical Appliances

Major-IPC, Inc. Successfully Serves the Home and Electrical Appliances Industry We at Major-IPC know what it takes to not only satisfy our clients with competent products and services, but also how to exceed their expectations to form a lasting relationship based on efficiency and trust. When it comes to serving the home and electrical appliance industry with our high-class products that include varied forms of fasteners, threaded rods and screws, we know what our customers seek from us. Home and electrical appliances comprise an extensive range of products such as:
  • Television
  • Mixers and Grinders
  • Washing Machines
  • Electrical Sewing Machines
  • Electrical Chimneys
  • Light Fixtures
  • Home Interior Fixtures
  • Garden Equipment
We at Major-IPC serve them all with precision-made fastening solutions like threaded rods, screws of varying degrees and designs, as well as other specialized services like die-cutting, metal and plastic stamping.  
How do we help the Home and Electrical Appliance Industry?
Major-IPC understands that every industrial sector along with specific products and services follows its individual production process and has specific application requirements. At the same time, requirements for fastening solutions and other services would also vary depending upon the type of products, their operations, and specifications. We have in our possession a wide gamut of fasteners, screw types, and plastic and nylon threaded rods with varying functional features and specifications. These make them suitable for several assembly purposes of home and electrical appliances. We start by analyzing our client’s requirements and. Our highly skilled and expert technicians discuss the requirements with clients and accordingly provide them with either standard or custom-made fastening solutions.  
Why Clients Prefer Availing our Products for their Home and Electrical Appliances?
When it comes to offering fastening solutions in the form of varied products and other specialized services like die-cutting, metal and plastic stamping, our clients prefer us for the following reasons:
    • We pay attention to their application requirements and accordingly suggest them the best and most apt fastening solution based on their specifications. In the process, we provide them custom-made solutions according to their particular necessities.
    • We employ world-grade and technically superior machining tools and equipment under a single-roof facility that simplifies our production and supply process and at the same time shortens the turnaround time for product delivery.
    • Our precision-made fastening solutions include an enormous gamut of screws, threaded rods and other specialized services that allows clients to choose the most apt and suitable solutions to meet their application requirements with exactness and efficiency.
  • Apart from timely delivery, dedicated workmanship, and assured quality and precision, Major IPC provides cost-competent and affordable products and services to its clients who find them more reasonable than our competitors’.
Contact us to get the best fastening solutions for all your home and electrical appliance products and components at reasonable rates.