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Food and Beverage Industry

Innovative Products to Support Food and Beverage¬†Industry The Food and Beverage industry (F&B) is perhaps one of the most versatile industries when it comes to using industrial fasteners. The reason for this is that food and beverage factories need to continually update their machinery, conveyor lines, and filtration systems to meet FDA requirements. Major-IPC understands this perfectly. We provide various types of standard and custom fasteners to meet the changing equipment needs of the (F&B) industry.  

Meeting F&B Equipment Requirements

At Major-IPC, we are often asked questions about our products and services pertaining to food and beverage applications. You can find the answers to these questions below.  
What are the types of materials you use to manufacture your products?
For purposes of sterility and product quality, the F&B industry demands usage of metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. At Major-IPC, we specifically design and manufacture fasteners and other products using these metals. The two main types of stainless steel that we utilize is 304 and 316 stainless steel.  
What types of fasteners do you provide for F&B applications?
We provide a variety of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and threaded rods for various F&B applications. We can also custom manufacture fasteners in terms of size, shape, weight, and finish to meet the application requirements.  
How are the fasteners and threaded rods useful in applications?
We have provided a few common application examples to expand on this point.
  • As equipment needs to updated or upgraded to meet FDA regulations, many a time, this leads to adding new systems to already installed equipment. We can provide fasteners and threaded rods that will allow for easy consolidation and installation.
  • Sometimes, new equipment has to be brought in, especially when creating a contemporary product for the masses. We can work with you to provide the right fasteners that will help support the equipment in terms of installation and use.
  • On certain occasions, there is a need to move the conveyor line to another part of the factory. Other times, the entire unit is moved into a new building. Depending on the size and shape of the area and building, the conveyor line might have to be installed in a different way. For example, to assimilate into a new building structure, some systems might have to be installed vertically instead of a horizontal position. Our threaded rods and fasteners can be used to support these new changes, and ensure that the conveyor line is ready to function.
Whatever your equipment or process requirement may be, Major-IPC can provide the perfect product solutions you need for quick and effortless installation. If you would like to know more, click here.