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Heavy Machining

Trusted Source for Procuring Fastening Components for Heavy Machining Manufacturing Heavy machining manufacturers are largely dependent on fasteners and threaded rods to make a safe and secure connection between components and joints. They require several makes and models of fastening components to assemble huge industrial machineries for heavy duty industrial applications. Major-IPC is in to the business of producing fastening components that are robustly constructed to meet the requirements of industrial machine manufacturers.  
Procure from Major-IPC and Make Your Assembly Robust
Heavy machineries are intended to operate in harsh industrial environments throughout their service period. Hence, they must be manufactured robustly to withstand the test of time. Being a crucial element, fastening components must also be rugged in nature to perform reliably throughout the service period of the machine. Even a small failure of the fastening components affects the functioning of the machine, leading to system breakdown or catastrophic accidents. We, at Major-IPC are committed to providing fastening components that perform exceptionally well even in the harshest environments. Our fastening components support the assembly of heavy machineries such as:   Wheel Loader – Metal and plastic fasteners are used in the assembly of engine, hydraulic cylinder, main control valve, and bucket bellcrank, among others.   Crane – Our range of socket set, slotted pan, metric slotted, knurled head, and socket set screws are used in the assembly of parts of crane such as:
  • Main Hoist Line
  • Operator’s Cabin
  • Engine
  • Boom Tip
  • Left Rear Outrigger
  Grinding Mill – Our fastening components support the assembly of grinding rings, rolls, and tables.   Heavy Duty Conveyors – Our wide/innovative range of threaded fasteners and rods form a crucial component for assembling parts of conveyors such as:
  • Conveyor Frames
  • Roller Shell
  • Guide Rail
  • Pulleys
Besides these, our fastening components form a crucial component in the assembly of tractors, excavators, material handling equipment, track loaders, and construction trucks.   We are Experts in Die Cutting and Plastic/Metal Stamping Services Too! We support the heavy machining manufacturing industry by providing die cutting and metal stamping services. Our Die Cutting Services Capabilities Include:
  • Paper die, rotary die, and custom die cutting services under one roof.
  • Experts in handling a wide variety of materials with precision.
  • Advanced machinery to cut materials without any wastage of material.
  • Multi-layer cutting, adhesive backed material cutting (kiss cutting), trimming services within a short turn-around time.
Our Metal/Plastic Stamping Services Include:
  • Can produce even intricately shaped plastic in large volume.
  • Usage of high speed punching machines stamp plastic materials without deforming the work piece.
  Quality Is Uncompromised Our fastening products are known for their operational excellence and our services are recognized for their timely delivery. We regularly update our inventory to meet the changing demands of the heavy machining manufacturing industry. At Major-IPC, we combine high-quality materials, extensive application knowledge, and expert manufacturing techniques to produce specialized fastening components. Hence, our products guarantee exceptional quality and outstanding durability.