How to Differentiate 3/8 Nylon Rods from Other Varieties of Threaded Rods

How to Differentiate 3/8 Nylon Rods from Other Varieties of Threaded Rods

Out of a variety of fastening rods and screws available in the market, the 3/8 nylon rods hold individual features and benefits that make them apt for particular applications. Although, there is a wide gamut of threaded rods, it is important for the customer to identify and characterize the one that would be fitting for their specific uses. Let us know what properties of a 3/8 nylon rod set it apart from its counterparts.

Nylon rods and their basic aspects

Falling under the category of long-chain polymer, nylon as a material is tough, strong, durable, resistant to abrasion, corrosion, heat, low friction, and electricity, and is considered for its high resiliency. Nylon threaded rods come with fillers that augment these qualities to withstand adverse conditions and to increase their tight tolerance. Moreover, products made of nylon are also resistant to alkalis, esters and hydrocarbons.

When it comes to working with 3/8 inch wide nylon threaded rods, customers can avail a wide range of lengths including 3, 4, 8 or 10 feet. Other variations of lengths can also be availed based on the application. It is advisable to approach a reputed manufacturer who would be able to accommodate the request to meet your requirements with custom-made products.

Basic Applications of 3/8 inch Nylon Threaded Rods

3/8 nylon threaded rods are used for a variety of applications that require threaded rods with properties like lightweight, non-toxic, inert, consistent sizing, strength, weather resistant, long-lasting, electrically passive, mechanically stable, combustion and corrosion resistant, non-flammable. Hence, these kinds of threaded rods are fit for industries like automotive, aerospace, marine, construction, chemical, oil and petroleum, and food processing, to name a few. These threaded rods are ideally used to affix two materials together without the presence of any bolt head attached to it.

Besides knowing the above-mentioned factors about 3/8 nylon threaded rods, some other specifications should also be known before purchasing the same. For instance, 3/8 inch nylon threads generally come with right-handed thread direction; however, customers can request for a left-handed threaded direction from the manufacturer, if required. The product has a temperature range of 40-185oF, and has a tensile strength of 12,000 PSI.

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