How to Thread Plastic Rods

How to Thread Plastic Rods

In the previous post, we had discussed about factors consider for plastic threaded rods designing. In this post, we will discuss the steps required to thread the rods.

Threading Plastic Rods

As the rod will be used in a heavy duty application, it will have to have a left thread, with a length of at least 2 inches. The best material option is acetal. Acetal provides high tensile strength, great stiffness, less pliability, and resistance to friction. With this information in mind, you can understand the plastic rod threading process.

  • Cut the Rod and Round the Edges: Generally, rods are cut out of long plastic pipes. Use an abrasive saw and cut the rod in the length you require. Round the edges of the pipe as this will make the threading process a lot easier.
  • Pre-Threading Setup: For the threading process, you will require a vise, rod cutting fluid, and a rod threader with a die. Place the rod in the vise, as this will hold it securely in place. Prepare the threader by placing the required die in its top center. Apply the cutting fluid on the die, as well as around the rod edges.
  • Begin the Threading Process: Place the threader over the edge of the rod. Hold the die with one hand while moving the threader???s handle with the other hand. Move the handle in the direction you want to create the thread direction. Only perform half turns, move the threader back to its original position, and repeat the process.

Always remember to keep the rod clean during and after the threading process. This will help maintain the quality of the rod threads. Once all these steps are completed, you can easily use the threaded rod in the desired application.

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