How You can Benefit from Metal Stamping Services

Metal stamping is one of the best ways to design and manufacture products and components. It allows the clients to get components manufactured in the shape and size as per their need. Metal parts manufacturers also provide custom metal stamping services to meet specific needs of their clients. What makes this service different and more advantageous than others? Let???s find out.

Understanding Metal Stamping Services

The basic process of metal stamping consists of sheet metal being fed into a stamping machine. The metal is crushed and then molded into components of different shapes. Other tasks and processes include:

  • Bending
  • Coining
  • Flanging
  • Pressing
  • Embossing

Custom metal stamping services consist of the following processes:

  • The parts manufacturer provides various metal options to create the components. Examples of metals used in the stamping process include bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, carbon metal and nickel alloys.
  • Clients can get the desired design that they want. To ensure that the process is performed and completed successfully, metal parts manufacturers work hand in hand with customers, so that they can get every specification right.

Benefits of Metal Stamping Services

Manufacturers as well as customers can accrue a variety of benefits by utilizing custom metal stamping services.

  • Metal stamping presses range from 150 to 300 tons. Metals stamping can be performed regardless of metal gauge variation.
  • The stamping process allows for high stamping speed, and manufacturing precision. It also produces less scrap in the production process.
  • It allows for the manufacturing of complex products in medium to high volumes at cost efficient rates.
  • Most metal stamping processes are conducted in automated coil-fed presses. This adds to production efficiency.
  • Secondary operations such as in-die tapping, automatic stud or nut insertion, and in-die welding and assembly are also good value additions.
  • Complex products can be created with close tolerances. Metal stamping also allows for repeatability, which is not always possible with other fabrication techniques.
  • Most companies offering metal stamping services have in-house inspection teams and equipment. They perform in-depth testing procedures to ensure the metal product is of high quality, and meets all industry regulations.
  • Generally, metal stamping is performed to meet large quantities. The sheet steel is purchased in large stocks. This leads to lower part material costs.
As you can see, the benefits that can be accrued from metal stamping are numerous. So when you are considering a production technique to manufacture your custom product, don???t think twice about availing metal stamping services.

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