Major IPC The Best Source for Slotted Grub Machine Screws

Major IPC – The Best Source for Slotted Grub Machine Screws

Slotted grub machine screws are unlike any other machine screw available. As a type of fastening technology, grub machine screws are designed to secure sliding components at a set position.

Slotted Grub Machine Screw Design

The uniqueness of the screw comes from its design. It is a small headless screw with a linear slot cut for a flat blade screwdriver. The screw is entirely threaded and is used specifically with threaded holes. Grub screws are also designed to secure small components that are within a larger device. The screw is passed through the threaded hole of the device and is tightened into the smaller component. This prevents the relative movement of the component in terms of the larger device. Rather than depending on an exterior head, the screw utilizes compression force to secure the component. Applications include gears, collets, and faucet handles.

Slotted Grub Machine Screws

High precision slotted hex grub machine screws are difficult to find. You need a manufacturer with immense knowledge and expertise to provide you with high performance and durable grub machine screws. Major IPC can provide you with the fastener solution that you need.

Why Choose Major IPC?

We at Major IPC are leaders in delivering industrial grade fasteners to OEMs and other industrial companies. Our slotted hex grub machine screws are known worldwide for their immense precision and durability.

Our team of engineers utilizes only the best materials to manufacture our fastener products. The popularity of our slotted grub machine screw is due to the following features:

  • High tensile strength
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Long service
  • Chemical & acid resistant
  • Galvanized
  • Resistant to corrosion

Major IPC can offer you slotted grub machines screws in a variety of shapes, sizes, threading patterns, and dimensions. We adhere to the regulations laid down in the standard ASME B18.6.3-2003. Our fastening products undergo stringent inspection test before they are sent to the client for delivery.

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