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Manufacturing Industry

Versatile Products and Services for the Manufacturing Industry Major-IPC prides itself on being a leading provider of fasteners and various other products for the manufacturing industry. Since all manufacturing equipment comprise different components, our fasteners and threaded rods provide critical assembling solutions.   Products and Services at Major-IPC We provide specialized products and services that meet specific needs for your manufacturing equipment and applications. Our products are designed to support equipment and processes, which are utilized in production, joining, and fastening applications. Our product list consists of a large variety of fasteners, as well as high performance threaded rods. We at Major-IPC also provide services like plastic stamping, precision machining, and die cutting.   Fasteners When it comes to industrial fasteners, Major-IPC can provide you a range like no other. Our product list includes over 35 types of fasteners and different types of machine screws that can meet the requirements of complex production machinery. We manufacture the fasteners in either plastic or metal. We can also customize the fasteners in the size and shape you require. Some of our well-known fasteners used by our manufacturing clients include:
  • Socket Set Machine Screws
  • Metal Core Screws
  • Slotted Hex Cap Screws
  • Phillips Pan Screws
  • Slotted Fillister Machine Screws
  • 82 Degree Oval Machine Screws
  Threaded Rods Our plastic and nylon threaded rods are designed and manufactured using plastic materials of the highest grades. We offer the rods in variety of sizes and diameters to suit your operations. The threaded rods are beneficial because they are non-corrosive, non-flammable, lightweight, and inexpensive.   Manufacturing Services Each of Major IPC’s services – die cutting, plastic stamping, and precision machining – are designed to provide specific solutions in terms of complexity, time, versatility, and competitive pricing.   Die Cutting: Our equipment have the capabilities to die-cut various grades of laminated phenolics as well as glass laminates. If the material you require is not in our inventory, we can order the material and use it to manufacture your product.   Plastic Stamping: For plastic stamping, we utilize a combination of high-end, fast punching presses, and a wide set of stamping dies. Hence, the plastic stamped components provided by us are strong, durable, and cost-effective.   Precision Machining: Our precision machining services are designed to produce metal as well as plastic fasteners and components in bulk quantities. We utilize the latest CNC machines, which gives us the freedom to produce the products in a variety of shapes and sizes.   Application Benefits The following are some of the benefits you can receive by using our products in your manufacturing applications. 1. Our plastic and threaded rods can be used to create or support products like:
  • Small Pistons
  • Structural Beams
  • Shafts And Spindles
2. Our construction fasteners are made from carbon and stainless steel to meet product durability requirements. Our plastic screws can be installed without the need of an anchor in hollow walls. 3. Our plastic fasteners and threaded rods are first choice when it comes to processes like plastic injection molding. 4. Our bolts can also be customized into screw or wedge anchors for a variety of mining and excavation applications. 5. Screw anchors can also be modified for masonry and renovation applications. With Major IPC, you can rest assured that the products you choose will meet the needs of your manufacturing applications.