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Marine Industry

Superior Products and Solutions Tailored to Meet Marine Industry Requirements The marine industry is a major sector involved in several critical activities. Some of them include, designing, constructing, maintaining, and repairing small boats and large vessels. Also, the industry is involved in the manufacture of shipyards, dry docks, and several other installations on a daily basis. To carry out such challenging manufacturing and installation activities, the industry requires metal and plastic fasteners of several configurations. Also, the sector demands plastic and nylon threaded rods to safely execute production activities. We at Major IPC are specialist in constructing and delivering fasteners and threaded rods of several types.   Value-Added Products Meeting the Requirements of the Marine Industry Fasteners and threaded rods for the marine industry must be strong enough to resist saline water, cold ocean temperatures, fungi, and several other aggressive environmental conditions. Our products are tailored to meet these requirements. Our wide/innovative range of fasteners and threaded rods can support the assembly of:
  • Hulls
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Steering Systems
  • Holds and Compartments
  • Propellers
  • Superstructures
  • Bridges
  • Anchoring Systems
  • Docks
  • Overhead Crane Systems
  • Structural Beams
Major IPC brings its years of experience and expertise while manufacturing marine grade fasteners and threaded rods. They meet exact specifications, and comprise outstanding features compared to alternate products in the market.   Several Services Supporting the Activities of the Marine Industry Our name is trusted among customers in the marine industry, not only due to the manufacturing of high quality products, but also due to several manufacturing services. We have been supporting the industry by providing cost-effective yet reliable die-cutting, and plastic and metal stamping services. We are equipped with advanced CNC machines that are capable of die-cutting a wide variety of materials, including laminated phenolics as well as glass laminates. Also, by utilizing fast punching presses, and a wide set of stamping dies, we can produce plastic stamped components combining strength and durability. Our manufacturing facility is handled by proficient engineers and workers who have a clear understanding about the marine industry to offer outstanding services beyond expectations.   Why Is Our Name Trusted in the Marine Industry? Since our inception, we have achieved a substantial competitive advantage, and a huge customer base in the market. Our commitment and hard work serve as the pillar stone of our success. Our name is prominent in international markets, as: We closely watch market changes and update our product line, keeping pace with technology and changing requirements. We possess a world-class manufacturing facility equipped with cutting-edge machineries to meet the growing demand of custom designed items. We can manufacture products to exact specifications in any quantity required. We manufacture products using quality tested raw materials procured from trusted vendors. Hence, our products show impeccable resistance to extreme weather, high pressures, and harsh temperatures in marine environments. Major-IPC is known for its ability to produce specially designed threaded fasteners and rods by keeping customers’ requirements in mind. Whatever is your requirement, we stand committed to fulfill the needs that surpass your expectations.