Metal Core Screws – An Unbeatable Choice for Metal and Thermal Industries

Metal Core Screws – An Unbeatable Choice for Metal and Thermal Industries

Are you looking for industrial screws that have the strength of steel, and the insulation to provide resistance to deteriorating factors like vibrations and corrosion? Then you need to take a look at metal core screws. As the name suggests, metal core screws consist of a core metal body and head. However, the body and head is covered by a nylon shell.

Design of Metal Core Screws

Generally, you will find that the screw is made with high strength carbon steel. The steel provides the strength required in an application, while the nylon protects the screw from environmental hazards. The screw also consists of a recessed metal head. Design of metal core screws can be customized in various ways. They can be distinguished by the shape of the nylon covering the head. Some of the common types are:

  • Flat
  • Round
  • Fillister
  • Round washer
Benefits of Metal Core Screws

After reading the previous paragraph, you would probably realize the combination of carbon steel and nylon can provide numerous benefits to industrial applications. These are given below.

  • They are immensely cost-effective.
  • The nylon also adds to the screw???s corrosion resistance capabilities.
  • The screw has 4 times the application strength than that of standard nylon fasteners.
  • The immense strength also contributes to the screw???s locking and sealing capabilities in an application.
  • The recessed head allows for quick installation with the use of automatic drivers with high speeds and torque.
  • They can be used as a good replacement for expensive brass, Monel, and stainless steel fasteners.

A few other common beneficial features include:

  • Concentricity
  • Fine finish
  • Tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Durability and endurance
  • Exceptional performance in harsh environments
Metal Core Screw Sizes

Another beneficial factor is that these screws can be manufactured in a variety of sizes.

  • 4-40
  • 8-32
  • 10-24
  • 10-32
  • 5/16-18
  • 3/8-16
  • 3/8-24
  • 7/16-14
  • 7/16-20
  • 9/16-18
  • 5/8-11
  • 7/8-11
  • 1-8
Application Areas and Industries

Metal core screws are extremely popular for applications that involve high stress, strength, and torque. Applications that require thermal and electrical insulation can benefit immensely from these screws. They are also extremely popular in applications that comprise vibrations and shear connections. They can be used on instruments that deal with thermal or cathodic transfers. Metal and thermal industries are commonly known to utilize metal core screws.

The materials and basic design of metal core screws makes them a premier choice for different types of applications.

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