Metric Economy Grade Thumb Screws – For Precision and Performance

Metric Economy Grade Thumb Screws – For Precision and Performance

When purchasing any kind of product, you would generally assume that the higher the price, the higher the product quality. While that may be true in cases of products like electronics or hardware, it is certainly not always true when it comes to fasteners. The best example to prove this is metric economy grade thumb screws.

What are Metric Economy Grade Thumb Screws?

Metric economy grade thumb screws are plastic thumb screws that are manufactured to meet the requirements of sectors like metal and electrical industries. The term economy grade means that the screw is at the lowest grade of the product line, and is intended for applications, where price is the main consideration for the screw. However, the screw is known for its quality, precision, and durability.

Metric Economy Grade Thumb Screw Features, Benefits, and Application Industries

These screws can be recognized by the design. Like other thumb screws, the head is quite large and prominent. It features a straight screw drive, and a knurled surface. This provides a good gripping surface for the user. The threading of the screw begins from the bottom and moves right up to the head.

The most well-known material used to produce the screw is Nylon 6/6. This nylon type provides benefits such as corrosion resistance, toughness, and high strength-to-weight ratio. Other benefits include low friction coefficient, excellent wear properties, and resistance to oil and grease.

While the size of the screw is generally small, custom manufactured screws are usually provided in sizes ranging from 4-40 to 1-8. Manufacturers provide the screws in bulk to customers. To ensure that the screw size and quality is consistent, these screws are manufactured using injection molding.

These thumb screws can provide excellent service to industries that have applications with temperatures up to 185 oF. They are extremely popular choices for applications in thermal and electrical industries. They are also used in electronic product manufacturing.

Metric economy grade thumb screws are known for their precision, providing high performance in harsh industrial environments.

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