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Packaging Industry

Screws and Fastening Solutions for the Packaging Industry The packaging industry is growing from leaps to bounds, and hence the sector requires innovative and highly technical fastening solutions. At Major-IPC, we know what it takes to provide the best and most accurate assembly techniques to clients, who are seeking nothing less than perfection. Since 1977, Major-IPC has been serving several industrial sectors, and packaging is one of them. With our wide gamut of products and services, we know how to expertly handle clients’ application requirements based on their unique operations.   What are the kinds of screws used for Packaging Industry? The packaging industry basically uses screws for propulsion. This specific screw design is known as timing screw or a feed screw that are commonly found in conveyor systems. Here, the product is fed to different machines along the production line. Basically, two types of timing screws are used in packaging industry:
  • A quick change feed screw
  • A dedicated feed screw
Quick change feed screw is used by the packaging industry to save time and money. At times, packaging companies use the same machines to package different products. However, these products may not be of same sizes or shapes, and hence some parts of the machine require changes. Quick change feed screws help here in reducing the downtime between installations and conversions, allowing for optimal savings and productivity. These screws are color coded to assist the quick and easy changes in the production process. Dedicated feed screws are used for machines that are allotted to a single product with similar size and shape throughout the production process. These are large screws that filter products along with the production line and are not replaced with any different form of screw. When it comes to the packaging industry, timing and accuracy play an important role to maintain consistency in the production line and its safe and smooth running. Feed screws are often used as line control devices, where they can accelerate, decelerate, divide or combine the container flow.   What do we offer at Major-IPC? Since our inception till date, Major-IPC has unfailingly met all the requirements, both standard and customized, of its clients from different industrial sectors when it comes to efficient fastening solutions. We provide world-grade products and services with precision-driven designs and performance of high levels. These include:
  • Plastic and metal fasteners and screws of extensive varieties
  • Nylon and plastic threaded rods for highly demanding applications
  • Precision CNC machining for accurately cutting unwanted pre-existing materials
  • Die-cutting services for industrial and commercial services
  • Metal stamping and plastic stamping solutions
  • Screw machine products with high industry standards for quality and reliability
When it comes to offering our precision-made products and efficient services, Major-IPC doesn’t compromise on quality, durability, and performance. We also ensure timely delivery of cost competent products to our customers’ delight.