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Plastic Stamping

Plastic Stamping Customized Services from Major-IPC
Plastic Stamping Services – Major-IPC
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Plastic stamping is a process of high importance in various industries as it helps in the shaping of plastics as well as other non-metallic materials as per the customers requirement. Although sounding simple, this process does require attention to detail, use of tested techniques, and state-of-the-art machineries to be executed successfully. Before we delve into the industrial applications of this comprehensive process, let us have a look at its basics in brief.   Mechanism Involved in Plastic Stamping The basic mechanism involved in plastic stamping is use of either conventional or high-end, fast punch press along with a set of stamping dies in order to punch the extruded plastic sheet (strips of the sheet) in a desired form. The punching press can come in different tonnages. You can pick the press and set of dies as per the specifications of your requirement. The same mechanism is also applicable for the punching and shaping of other non-metallic substances. Features and Advantages of Plastic Stamping While we know that this process is used for the punching of plastics and other non-metallic components, one might wonder as to why should plastic stamping be chosen for industrial applications? Well, the answer lies in the following features and advantages exhibited by this process:
  • This method is an easy and cost-effective way of getting shaped plastics that are needed in large volumes in various applications;
  • With plastic stamping, you can get parts that are punched evenly to attain uniformity throughout the structure right down to the finished edges;
  • Thanks to this process, shaping of plastic parts as well as non-metallic materials can be done with immense precision;
  • No matter how intricate the desired shapes are, the punching presses are capable of attaining them with proficiency;
  • The high speed nature of the punching presses makes it possible to stamp plastic materials within the given deadline.
  Industries that Make Use of Stamped Components The aforementioned features and advantages make it possible to provide high speed stamping services for fabricating products like spacers, custom end laminations, insulators, washers, product tags, gaskets, etc. Such a wide array of applications of plastic stamping benefits many industries such as:
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • Transportation
  • Packaging
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  Trust Major-IPC for Plastic Stamping Requirements Major-IPC is a leading provider of high-end services related to plastic stamping with immense attention to details. We aim towards serving our customers by providing zero defect products. Our stamping services involve customized solutions for a myriad of both simple as well as complex shapes. You can trust us for consistency and transparency at every level of the project. We are reachable via email at or you can call us on 845-292-2200 , and we will assist you with further details.
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