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Refinery Industry

Robustly Constructed Fastening Components for the Refinery Industry The role of threaded fasteners and rods cannot be ignored when it comes to assembling refinery equipment and machineries. Even though fasteners are the smallest element, they are crucial when connecting parts of equipment safely and securely. Since, quality of these components determine the life of an assembly, they must be procured from reliable sources. Here, you find the service of Major-IPC, outstanding. We are specialists in providing precision machined fastening components for applications in the refinery industry.   Why Major-IPC for Fasteners and Threaded Rods? For operations in aggressive refinery environments, you would require machineries/equipment that can resist harsh conditions. Fasteners and threaded rods used in the assembly of such equipment must also be robust in nature. They must show impeccable resistance to corrosion, abrasion, oxidation, and high pressure. Also, they must withstand fluctuating temperatures and high-tension conditions exist in refinery environments. All these requirements are taken care of at Major-IPC while manufacturing these vital components.   Typical Applications Our wide/innovative range of fasteners is used in the assembly of:
  • Recycling Compressors
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Gas Generators
  • Flaring Systems
  • Heat and Power Systems
  • Mobile Gas Pumping Systems
A perfect combination of strength, reliability and cost-effectiveness make our threaded fasteners and rods ideal for applications in aggressive environments of refineries. Since they are coated comprehensively, they stay intact as long as the intended service period of the product. Depending on the complexity of the applications and application area, you can choose between metal or plastic, or standard or customized fasteners and rods.   Offering Several Services for the Refinery Industry We offer several manufacturing services that are beneficial for refinery equipment manufacturers. Our die cutting and metal/plastic stamping services are known for their precision, quality, and swiftness.   1. Die Cutting Services – Advanced manufacturing facility equipped with cutting-edge CNC presses, allow us to provide rapid die cutting services to the refinery industry. We can handle different materials such as laminated phenolics, nylon, delrin, and nomex, among others. Some of the die-cutting services we offer to the industry include; multi-layer cutting, adhesive backed material cutting (kiss cutting), trimming, and stamping.   2. Plastic/Metal Stamping – We have been supporting refinery equipment manufacturers by providing plastic/metal stamping services in a short lead time. Whatever intricate shapes you require, we possess the team, knowledge, and equipment to get it done with maximum precision.   Make the Right Choice Worried about making a wise selection from the list of several fastening components available? We are here to help you out. We understand your requirements and then suggest the type of fastener to be incorporated into the refinery equipment. The right use of fasteners ensures that the item goes together and stays together for the intended life of the refinery equipment!