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Telecom Industry

The telecom industry relies on various machineries/equipment to carry out several mission critical applications. Hence, product manufacturers are in a rush to produce new products and update the existing product line. For all these production activities, manufacturers require a vital component – fasteners and threaded rods. Without threaded fasteners and rods, telecommunication product manufacturing activities will be halted. When Precision and Strength combined it is a Major-IPC Fastening Component Major-IPC – Providing Fastening Solutions Perfect for the Telecommunication Industry We have been catering to the requirements of the telecommunication industry from the inception. Combining strength and durability, our products can make safe and secure connections between the different components of a huge assembly. Our fastening components perform exceptionally well in an application, as they are constructed utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques. They will work reliably until the service life of the telecommunication equipment.   Applications of Major-IPC Fastening Components in the Telecommunication Industry Our fasteners and threaded rods are used in the assembly of:
  • Communication Satellites
  • Radio Masts and Towers
  • Telecommunication Circuits
  • Telecommunication Terminals
  • Data Transmission Products
  • Voice and Image Processing Systems
  • Antenna for Mobile Communication
  • Microwave Transmission Equipment
  • Network and CPE Equipment
  • Teleconferencing Equipment
  A Wide Range of Nylon Fasteners and Threaded Rods for the Telecommunication Industry We have a wide array of nylon fasteners specially constructed to meet the demands of telecommunication equipment manufacturers. Our range of nylon socket set, slotted pan, slotted set, and metric slotted machine screws are in huge demand among customers from the telecommunication industry. Also, our nylon threaded rods combine strength, versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness, thus delivering innumerable benefits to the industry. Amongst our product line, nylon threaded rods and fasteners have been largely procured due to their superior features such as:
  • They are light in weight, hence can be used in the assembly of on-the-go telephone systems.
  • They show exceptional wear resistance, allowing them to be incorporated into commercial telecommunication systems.
  • They are easy to customize to best suit the design of the intended application.
  • They are available in a wide range of finishes including lustrous to dull finishes.
  • They are non-flammable. Hence, they are the perfect choice for assembling fire-resistant telecommunication equipment/ machineries. They can be chosen for assembling electronic circuit boards.
  • The coating can resist fading; hence can be used in the assembly of antennas for mobile communication.
  • They can resist corrosion when in contact with abrasive chemicals.
  • They are structurally strong and possess good insulating properties.
  • They can resist shock, vibration, solvents, and other contaminants.
  • They possess superior torque strength.
Besides nylon fasteners and threaded rods, our inventory also includes resilient metal fastening components. They are ideal when strength is of prime importance. Some of the applications of metal fastening components include: satellite communication products, advanced satellite terminals, and broadcast towers.   Services Pertaining to Telecommunication Industry We support the telecommunication industry by offering several value-added manufacturing services. Some of these services include die cutting and metal/plastic stamping. By utilizing advanced technology and equipment, we ensure that you receive the best from our services. To know more about our services pertaining to the telecommunication industry, call us at 845-292-2200 or e-mail to .