Things to Know About Metric Slotted Hex Machine Screws

Things to Know About Metric Slotted Hex Machine Screws

When it comes to affixing two materials together, screws are the typically used solution since ages. The threaded part of the screw essentially secures the components with a firm grip that makes separation impossible without damaging the materials. Now, as a customer, it is important to know that although all the screws look somewhat alike, each of them is different in aspects like shape, size, width, style of hex, threading, construction, and properties.

Metric slotted hex machine screws are one of the varieties of metric machine screws that are known for certain features. However, it is important to ensure that the products are bought from reputed screw manufacturers as you are assured of certain characteristics such as:

  • The screws would have fine finishing
  • They would be built to resist corrosion
  • Screws would have superior dimensional accuracy
  • They would be constructed to ensure durability and robustness
  • Screws would be lightweight
  • They would be treated with phosphate and galvanized finishing

A wide range of metric slotted hex machine screws are used to affix components of computers, consumer electronics, medical devices, parts used in aerospace industry, telecommunication and manufacturing equipment, and materials used in metal fabricating industries.

These screws are ideally made of stainless steel or other steel alloys, and are available in the market in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions in order to meet specific application requirements of customers.

Why Choose Major-IPC While Buying Metric Slotted Hex Machine Screws?

As a reliable manufacturer of screws and fasteners since 1977, Major-IPC has excelled in delivering only the best and most suitable precision machined screws to customers from all over the world. We make sure that our customers meet their application requirements with success with the help of our custom-made screws, designed and constructed with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Our machined screws are versatile, durable, and accurate with high tensile strength. Our range of metric slotted hex machine screws has gained supreme industry reputation for their competent features like excellent finish, dimensional accuracy, and high tight tolerance.

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