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Transportation Industry

Standard and Custom Fastener Solutions for the Transportation Industry Transportation is a critical industry where fasteners are used as one of the major means of joining components used in fabrication, and assembly of transportation vehicles. Major-IPC has worked with clients from the public and private transportation industry providing threaded rods, fasteners and manufacturing services to meet our customer’s needs.   Our Automobile Targets We have the capabilities to provide fasteners for various types of vehicles used in different applications, including:
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Commercial cars and transportation vehicles (buses, trucks, lorries, trains, etc.)
  • Construction vehicles (bulldozers, tractors, loaders, etc.)
  • Security vehicles (armored cars and trucks)
  Fasteners We are the first choice for clients when it comes to purchasing stock fasteners in bulk, or designing custom fasteners from scratch. We also provide our clients with the flexibility of modifying standard fasteners to suit the application. Some of our popular fastener products chosen for the transportation industry include:
  • Nuts
  • Rivets
  • Bolts
  • License Plate Screws
  • Metric Slotted Machine Screws
  • Oval Head Machine Screws
  • Hex Socket Cap Machine Screws
  • Phillips Pan Screws
  • Slotted Hex Cap Screws
  • Combination Drive Binder Head Screws
We can provide metal as well as plastic fasteners in various shapes and sizes to meet the application needs. Our metal fasteners are generally used for larger components in an automobile such as steering columns, engines parts, power steering pumps, etc. Our plastic fasteners can be used in devices and components found in the interiors. A few examples of these include GPS devices, speakers, walls and carpeting, support handles, and plastic dashboards, among others.   Threaded Rods Like our fastener products, our threaded rods are used in transportation applications as well. They are particularly useful for fabricating the support ceiling rods required in the interiors of buses and trucks. They are also extremely popular when it comes to assembling the chassis, vehicle interiors, etc.   Manufacturing Services Our fabrication services are the perfect solutions for creating products and components that will help enhance the total experience of using the transportation vehicle as a driver or as a passenger. 1. Our machining services give us the freedom to create standard as well as custom components and fasteners with features like high strength, high tolerance, and durability. 2. For die cutting, we have the capabilities to work with a variety of materials, including:
  • Delrin
  • Teflon
  • PVC
  • Kapton
  • Polycarbonate
3. Plastic stamping includes a punching process that provides uniform, finished components, which are easy to install in any transportation vehicle. 35 years of strong manufacturing experience places us in a strong position to manufacture numerous components for the transportation industry, which fulfill critical assembly requirements. Our products and services adhere to the latest quality standards used in America and around the world.