Various Reasons for Choosing Slotted Hex Machine Screws

Various Reasons for Choosing Slotted Hex Machine Screws

Slotted hex machine screws are one of the popular choices of industrial screws for a variety of applications. These screws are known for their perfect concentricity, high strength and performance, and impeccable finishing.

Basic Design of Slotted Hex Machine Screws

Hex Head Slotted Machine Screws can be differentiated by their head styles and screw length. The term ???hex??? refers to the hexagonal shape of the screw head. Like all slotted machine screws, hex screws have a linear slot that requires the use of a flat blade driver system for installation. Another type of hex machine screw includes a washer manufactured along the underside of the head. The washer helps to distribute the pressure of the screw over a wider area. The shape of the slot indentation can be designed as per the requirements of the application.

The most popular materials used for manufacturing slotted hex machine screws are brass, stainless steel, and carbon steel. The screw is provided protective coatings to ensure that it maintains its strength and is resistant to corrosion. Common material coatings include zinc, copper, brass, and cadmium. Manufacturers also adhere to certain manufacturing standards when producing slotted hex machine screws. The most common standard is ASME B18.6.3-2003 for strength and durability.

Applications of Slotted Hex Machine Screws

Slotted hex machine screws are generally found in 2 major industries ??? agriculture and transportation.

1. Agriculture: This industry requires machine screws that can be resistant to high vibrations and meet the necessary locking and holding requirements for agricultural equipment. Slotted hex machine screws can be used on planting and harvesting equipment such as tractors, air seeders, and potato planters. They are also utilized in equipment that is used for food processing including mixers, slicers and dicers.

2. Transportation: Slotted hex machine screws are employed to fasten components of various types of service vehicles including buses, trucks, tractors, and locomotives. Vehicle manufacturing companies choose slotted hex machine screws as they have the strength and durability to endure long hours of operation.

These are the many reasons why industrial customers choose slotted hex machine screws for their applications.

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