What are Metric Screws and What are Their Applications

What are Metric Screws and What are Their Applications

Almost all of us have used screws for requirements pertaining to domestic, industrial, commercial, or personal applications. These small yet wonderful hardware tools are in use since ages whenever it comes to fixing two materials with firmness and security without damaging the materials involved.

With time and usage these screws have gone through many developments and improvements in terms of tensile strength, finishing, precision, threading types, tolerance level, and so on. As currently the market is abundant with several types of screws with varying properties and applications, customers are expected to know about certain factors to consider before selecting the apt key. One of the most significant factors is the right size of the screw.

Besides using the right type of screw required to suit a specific purpose, it is most imperative to use the screw with the right size as any mistake in the same may damage the materials.

Metric Screw What are Metric Screws?

When it comes to determining screw size, various units are used, and metric unit is one of these. Screws that possess metric sizes are popularly called metric machine screws. As a sign of identification, the sizes of these metric screws generally start with the letter M. These fasteners are thus commonly known as M series. The size of the screw implies to the overall length of the fastener, the major diameter, and the distance between threads. The metric screws are just like any precision screw. The only difference is that these screws bear the letter M followed by size of the diameter, length, and pitch of the screw.

What are the Applications of Metric Screws?

The growing popularity of metric screws is evident from the fact that these screws are in high demand by many industries. Metric screws have become a standard for screws in terms of precise measurement with perfect sizing. As these screws have been established with a mark of perfect size measurements, several industrial sectors are using these for varied applications.

Automobile: Metric screws are used to affix a wide variety of automotive components owing to their durability and strength. The vast sector of automobile industry uses this type of screw to produce excellent quality vehicles.

Construction: These screws are highly used for several construction purposes like public structures, bridges, and pathways. These applications rely on this type of screw for their promising precision and tensile strength.

Aerospace: Metric screws are used by the aerospace industry for parts integration, and for assembly applications that require high quality, precise, and strong affixing solutions. This sector involves applications pertaining to satellites and international space stations.

Appliances: These are an essential tool when it comes fixing and assembling several domestic, electrical, and electronic appliances like computers, television, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchenware, and so on.

Agriculture: Metric screws are equally important when it comes to affixing and assembling agricultural equipment like tractors and other useful components used in irrigation, digging, sowing seeds, etc.

No wonder, more and more manufacturers are striving to produce high-quality precision-made metric screws with desirable tensile strength, durability, tight tolerance, and finishing. The same makes manufacturing of metric screws one of the busiest and most in-demand industries.

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